i forgot about my blog....

I did an Instagram post last week detailing how I put my blog on the back burner. As you all know, I have mentioned on numerous occasions that my entire fashion/creative/ fashion pr career began with a blog. It was the highlight of my life (in the beginning .. circa 2012) to write about my latest shopping trips ,fashion shows or events I attended. It used to be fun to blog.

Over the last few years my focus turned to social media. Making sure my social platforms where up to date was my main focus and the blog suffered tremendously.

So I made a promise to myself that in 2020 I would make my blog a top priority and I had every intention to do so, but here I am again in a rut about not posting consistently. I got sidelined again with these social media platforms.

I even put a call to action on the Instagram post asking is the blog even necessary anymore. One of my Fav influencers from Birmingham gave me and us all some great advice : @livin_fearless : An IG post isn't searchable on 6 months or a year from now but things like a blog post or YouTube video is something that can be googled for years.

She is absolutely correct! Having our "owned media " is pivotal in the longevity of your business and its always great to have this info on hand for different brand partnerships and collabs.

So I will make it my due diligence to keep this channel on the front burner. Hold me accountable !

xOxO Keicia Shanta

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