I went MIA again ! Let's catch up !

Hey y'all!

I know what you are going to say! Where have you been Sis? It's been a while Sis! I thought you where going to stay more consistent on your own owned media ? Yes. I told that lie and once again I failed to keep this part of my world current. I have been out of town, tending to a Mother who had a total hip replacement. That's not an excuse tho. It did cause me to stop a lot of my projects and pause my launch of Smith & West ( my sustainable street wear brand) to later this Summer.

I still lacked the drive to make my website all that I can be and that's my fault.

So here I am again, giving this website thing a chance to grow. I have been somewhat active on social media but that's not enough.

I guess this has turned into another accountability post but I am not going to give up. I will make a conscious effort into building my brands better than I have been. So here we go again y'all!


Thank you all to have supported me since 2012 ! I really appreciate you!


Keicia Shanta

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