its been a while since we last chatted! Lets talk about slow fashion!

Hello, hello, hello! It's been a long time my friends. Since the last time we spoke we have elected a new administration, and a woman Vice President! Go VP Kamala Harris! Covid-19 is seeming to get a bit under control. We know have a real Covid-19 response with millions of people able to get vaccinated all over the United States. (we still have a ways to go but it's some progress) Plus we literally just survived a SNOWPOCALPYSE here in Texas. Its got really real here yall and we are still reeling from the effects from it.

But all in all, I am here.

One of my new years resolutions is to be more present here on the website. I also have begun to take my own pictures and finally start my clothing brand. We have started sourcing materials and begun the design process while testing out samples as well. So things are starting to move slowly but surely.

March brings about warmer days and it's the perfect time to update our wardrobes for the up and coming season. I always preach to shop your closet before making your seasonal buys. It's also the perfect time to show you guys the path to becoming more conscious consumers. Attaining a more sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle is more imperative then ever with pollution from the fashion industry dominating from previous years.

Let's start with talking about slow fashion.

In a nut shell, slow fashion is about choice information, cultural diversity and identity.

One of the key take always I get from slow fashion is that (me) the consumer become more aware of how clothes impact workers, communities and whole ecosystems.

I had to check myself and make a change in how I consume fashion. Now I only shop seasonally adding major pieces to my wardrobe. Plus I buy better and use longer all the while supporting up and coming designers and brands.

How will you make steps in becoming more sustainable? Don't be a stranger and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

If I haven't told you already Happy New Year ( i know I am late) good to one another and wear a damn mask!

XoXo Keicia Shanta

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