pissed ... literally and figuratively

This has been one hell of a week ... no I take that back. It's been one hell of a 2020! With the untimely passing(s) of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the senseless killings of Breonna Taylor and Auhmad Aubrey plus countless other people of color, the entire world has reached their level. Protest have erupted not only across the United States but we are seeing peaceful and not so peaceful protest across the world.

Countless number of retailers from Target, Gucci , Alexander McQueen and hundreds of small businesses have been vandalized and stripped of millions of dollars of merchandise. Merchandise and windows can be replaced but a persons life can never be replaced. That's the sentiments of the thousands of people taking to the streets for a record number of ten days since the passing of George Floyd.

It has been a terrible time for America but it has clearly exposed the systematic racism that has tormented this country for years. I myself has experienced such treatment in my professional and personal life whether that being excluded from certain campaigns or not having access to certain programs because the color of my skin.

For those very reasons I have always pressed for higher education for my children, that maybe they wont run into those roadblocks that I had to endure. There is clearly a problem here in America and around the world. We must fix this problem before we have a situation that we can't get control of.

The work is not done.. we have so much work to do! Lets get to it !

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