• Keicia Shanta

Some of my work from July ...

In the midst of a pandemic and social injustice, two months post breast reduction .... I have been meditating and minding my business. I did some things in the month of June.... I promise to share more here.

The Remix : Hip Hop x Fashion : A Conversation

I had the complete honor of joining some pretty dope creatives to discuss the Netflix hit Documentary The Remix : Hip Hop x Fashion! This film highlights the careers of Misa Hylton, Dapper Dan , Kerby Jean Raymond of Pyer Moss and April Walker of iconic street wear brand Walker Wear.

The talk was hosted by my Fav Ameera Steward, fashion freelance writer with an additional treat Elena Romero who is apart of the documentary. We had an amazing time discussing the culture of fashion and how these looks from the past dictate the runways today. We need a part two ! Stay tuned!

I still style from time to time .....

Style Inspiration is one of my fav things to share... I can see myself doing this for a very long time. Catch me in Fab Fit Fun doing what I love. Thanks Courtney! here!

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